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Virtues of Virtual Health: The New Normal

The healthcare industry is here to stay- but meeting ever-growing demands for the consumer-minded and aging are loaded with their own set of challenges.  How to overcome the challenges? Virtual Health promises to do that. It is accessible, available, and … Read More

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Sales Prospect List – All You Need To Know

A “prospect list” or a “sales prospect list” is a list of potential clients. These are the people who benefit from your brands’ products or services. … Read More

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Email Campaigns: When to send them

What Is The Best Time To Send An Email

What is the best time to send out your email campaigns? The answer is not as simple as picking up a time slot. It is because email marketing in itself is a complex ecosystem that changes dynamically. … Read More

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B2B Cold Calling best practices

11 Ultimate Tips for B2B Cold Calling in 2022

“B2B Cold calling is dead and buried”- the biggest untrue myth for any business-to-business (B2B) venture. Perhaps, they adopted the wrong method or medium for converting those cold leads. When using the right B2B cold calling tips, you can give … Read More

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Growth of Telemedicine In Healthcare 2022

No one can disagree with the fact that telemedicine growth has been the talk of the town for the entire world recently. The stepping-in of the pandemic and global quarantine have been the major causes that pushed telehealth and telemedicine … Read More

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How To Get Qualified Leads

How To Get Qualified Leads: 5 Proven Techniques

More than 60% of B2B marketers send random leads to their sales team out of which only 27% turn out to be qualified for sales. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that your sales will improve by a huge margin if you … Read More

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How to Successfully Implement Knowledge Management In Your Team

Knowledge is a valuable resource for businesses. However, because it’s not a tangible asset, businesses seldom have a strategy in place to manage knowledge. With a knowledge management strategy, you can identify, track, manage, and share knowledge across your organization … Read More

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7 Ways to Use Enrichment

Today’s businesses rely heavily on data. You’ve most likely done significant research on your industry, rivals, and the market as a whole before launching your brand.  And after your company is up and going, data and analytics will be your … Read More

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Top 10 Pharma Industry Innovations in 2022

Recent business dynamics show that innovations continue to drive the pharma industry in 2022. With the traditionally slow adoption of the technology industry, pharma is under rapid evolution for innovations. The increasing investment, growing technology startups, amplifying inter-organizational collaborations, and … Read More

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